Skyline AV Console

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Modern function with integrated sound bar and wire storage - made for your SMART TV.

Design forward concept is made to work with the latest TV and sound technology. The front sound bar recess is (2" tall by 3" deep) and interior holds the subwoofer with slotted sides for optimal base neatly tucked away.

Henry's unique power trough design means that all of your power cords can be stored in the back of the cabinet, out of sight with easy access. Each interior shelf is height-adjustable and features a recess for cords to run down the back, seamlessly integrating into the trough. The vertical dividers feature openings for wires to pass through, ensuring all of your components have easy wire connectivity. Hidden behind a wood back this table can be placed in the center of the room and from the back all you see is one central output hole and two bottom side inputs for power in.

This piece is made for media. When you have electronics, but don't want to see them - or the wires - there is really no better storage solution.

Color-matched resin inlays cover confirmat screws for a beautiful accent across the top, incorporating the door color into the exterior wood housing.

Skylines available:

  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Seattle

** for a custom skyline or pattern please contact with an image of your desired line pattern and we will address feasibility and cost directly with you.

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