We mix technology with old-school craftsmanship to create exceptional, quality furniture made in our own California factory.

Henry Leggett's vision for design forward, high-quality, well-crafted unique furniture, made-to-order with care.

Your vision made real. 

Custom cabinetry and fitted furniture designed from from the ground-up in CAD and built by master craftsman Henry Leggett.

"Made in USA. This is the knife block we actually want to display on our counter."


" ... It fits on a countertop and showcases your knives like a piece of art..."


" ...our winning block, the 360 Knife Block by Design Trifecta, is a serious investment, but it will serve your knives well for years to come."

" ...360 Knife Block is the only block you’ll need."

Custom Woodwork

100% custom design & build, quality cabinetry and furniture.